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Automatic Powered Oil Press Machine for Home Use / Oil Extractor

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Automatic Powered Oil Press Machine  for Home Use / Oil Extractor 

Product Description

Automatic oil pressing machine adopts 304# edible stainless steel materrial, large power motor industrial grade copper, fine workmanship, high oil rate, simple operation, pure physical crushing, healthy environmental protection.
This small type screw oil press machine is advanced oil extracting machines which are characterized by their high rates of oil output, good quality, simple design, and continuous operation. This series of oil presses can be used for various raw materials such as jatropha seeds, canola seeds, peanuts, rapeseeds and cotton seeds, sesame seeds, olive seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut seeds and grass seeds.

Pressing process (Press Peanut for sample):
1. Turn on heating switch and wait for more than 10 minutes and extend the waiting time appropriately during the cold seasons (never turn it off in pressing oil process).
2. Directly put dry ingredients.
3. Press the “squeezing” switch and start pressing oil.
4. After pressing ends, hold (don’t loosen) “Cleanup” switch for more than 20 seconds, and it will be easier to remove the screw and then clean; if you don’t press the Cleanup switch, when pressing chamber becomes cold, the interior residual slag harden and pressing rod will be blocked in the pressing chamber and cannot be taken out for cleaning.
5. In case of power outage during the pressing process, please turn off the squeezing switch, and unplug power plug at the same time; continue to press after turning on the heating switch for more than 10 minutes when power is connected.
6. Clean: remove pressing chamber and clean it with edible detergent and water.
7. Pull out the power plug and store the machine in a dry place.
8. The pressed oil will automatically separate after storing for a night under room temperature 15 degrees above and does not need to filter.
In the process, sometimes materials form aerial state in the feeding port because raw materials are damp, or the surface is not smooth, you can gently touch the raw materials.


  • Compared with the traditional screw press, the oil press of turning round has advantages of being simple in structure, convenient in manufacture and easy to extend.
  • This press machine is suitable for rapeseed, peanut, soybeans, sesame oil sunflower oil, etc. Various plants, micro electric control, infrared heating, vacuum filter, again sucked clean.
  • Oil extraction rate>= 95%.
  • Cold pressing - temperature 37.8C, specialized for flax seeds, reserve most of nutrition.
  • Hot pressing without frying - with built in thermostat heating device, enjoy natural and healthy oil.
  • Frying and hot pressing - stir fry for 5 minutes, the oil will be pure and aromatic.


Oil press can squeeze peanuts, sesame, walnut meat, vegetable seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nuts, flax seed, pumpkin seed kernels, Perilla, soybeans, etc., can't squeeze corn, rice, red beans, such as coarse cereals Stainless steel oil press is household design.

1. This is multifunctional home oil press machine, you also can use it for small business.

2. You can use it for many kinds of seeds, such as peanuts, seasame, nut, corn, soybean,

falxseed and so on.... You can check in the picture.

3. The home oil press machine can continue to work for 8-10 hours.

4. Oil extracting rate is up to 45% which depends on the oil seed.

5. Easy to operate, clean and move.

6. Operation sound is lower than that of espresso machine.

Automatic Small Oil Press Machine Stainless Steel Cold Hot press 110V


  • Never put fingers or hard objects such as metal bar into the entrance to the chamber to stir raw materials.
  • Olive oil pressing: must remove the core seed and cut the fresh olive into pieces of peanut size, then Dry fresh olive by sunshine or use microwave oven to heat it 5-6 minutes before feed into this machine.
  • For pressing olive oil: Please firstly remove the pits and cut olives into pieces of peanut size (which makes it easier to feed in the pressing barrel), also, whole process would take longer time than pressing seeds.
  • Special attention to the raw materials can not be pressed, corn, olives, rice, pork, rice.


  • 3C,UL,PSE,CE,ROHS approved.
  • Smart control operating system to make sure automatical oil making function.
  • International standard 304 food grade steel stainless as the parts.
  • Unique double filtration technology to make sure the oil more pure.
  • Automatical constant temperature control to make sure the oil extraction rate is more than 95% and no germs.
  • Low noise, the voice is far below 60DB.
  • Speedy oil output, just 5 minutes.
  • Easy to be cleaned.
  • Mini space.
  • This is multifunctional home oil press machine, you also can use it for small business.
  • Oil extracting rate is up to 45%, which depends on the oil seed.
  • Easy to operate, clean and move.
  • The motor is industry motor that it can continue working for more than 8 hours . We suggest it works for 8 hours and take a rest for 1 hour.

For your reference:

Raw material Oil yield Press speed
Peanut 40%-47% 3-4.5kg/h
Sesame 42%-52% 3.5-5kg/h
Flaxseed 32%-40% 4-5.5kg/h
Tea seed kernel 34%-40% 3-4kg/h
Hazelnut kernel 55%-65% 3-3.5kg/h
Sunflower seed 45%-55% 3.5-5kg/h
Walnut 60%-70% 3-4kg/h
Perilla seeds 40%-50% 4-5kg/h
Almond 52%-58% 3-4kg/h
Rapeseed 30%-38% 4-6kg/h


    • Capacity: 6-14 lb/h
    • Material: 304# Food Grade Stainless Steel
    • Power Supply Voltage: 110V/60Hz
    • Packet Weight: 56 lb
    • Machine Weight: 48 lb 
    • Heating Power: 460W 
    • Max press input power: 1200W
    • Machine Dimension: (Length × Width × Height) 18 inch × 9.5 inch × 7.5 inch 
    • Packing Size: (Length × Width × Height)  22 inch × 10.5 inch × 13 inch

      Package Content

      • 1 × Insulated Gloves
      • 1 × Oil Filter
      • 1 × Oil Drain Cup
      • 1 × Cleaning Brush
      • 1 × Power Line
      • 1 × Manual

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