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The Hindu Festival of Holi (Source: belifenet.com)

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 Holi is a lively Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of spring. It dates back to texts from the 11th century and is connected to both deities and rites of spring. You may know it best from images of Eat, Pray, Love where villagers toss vibrant colored powders onto each other and dance in the streets with joy. Holi falls around the time of the vernal equinox – what in Western tradition would be the first day of spring. The deep meaning of Holi is connected to different Indian legends and their symbolic messages. The focus may vary depending on the part of India and the world where it is celebrated. Holi celebrates the story of a pure-hearted devotee, Prahlad who underwent many trials to maintain his faith as well as the burning of carnal desires by Shiva to reach a higher level of love. The stories, rituals and meanings behind them follow.