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The 4 Essential Goals of Hindu Life (Source: beliefnet.com)

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The 4 Essential Goals of Hindu Life
What are these goals, and what do they mean?


 Artha is the Sanskrit word for “abundance” or “success.” Artha is associated with the householder stage of a Hindu man’s life. This time begins when a man marries and continues until his first grandchild is born. During his time as a householder, a Hindu man is supposed to focus on providing for his family. Artha, to both Hindu men and women, deals with material and monetary abundance. Hindus do not look down at monetary gain or a person’s ethical attempts to increase their own power. That person is merely seeking artha. So long as money or power is pursued in an ethical and virtuous manner, it is acceptable.

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/hinduism/the-4-essential-goals-of-hindu-life.aspx?p=3#xOdULOQwT6ItHGKH.99